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3 secrets to starting your personal art journey

September 19, 2023

3 secrets to starting your personal art journey

Have you ever seen a piece of art in passing and thought “I would love to be able to
create something like that”? Does staring at a blank piece of paper or canvas make you
want to do something to make it not blank? Even if you have no idea what to do, this is
your inherent creative spark trying to get your attention.

So many people get stuck at this very stage. They experience the feeling of inspiration
and then let it fade, sometimes due to negative thoughts like, “I’ll never be an artist” or
“What am I thinking? I have no idea what I’m doing”
If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. Many of the people I’ve met at public paint-
and-sip events and private guided painting parties start the experience with the fear of
putting brush to canvas because it won’t be perfect.   Today I want to discuss why I think
creating is good for everyone, why everyone can do it, and how to get out of your own

What is a personal art journey?
This is your lifelong experience with art or your chosen form of creating. Your journey
may take you in many directions, but often I find it eventually settles into one or two
mediums. Your medium might be painting, drawing, writing, scrapbooking, collage-
making, knitting or other textile arts, jewelry making . . . see? The possibilities for
creative expression are endless!

Your personal art journey begins the minute you feel the impulse to create something. I
like to think of this journey as a river: When you first start you are just stepping into the
water. There are many different boats you can take down this river. You could even
swim! As we move down this river, we will discover more and more new things and
places to explore creatively. You are always growing and changing on this journey and I
encourage you to take that first step and dip your toes in!

Getting started is undoubtedly the hardest part. Make the decision right now that if you
want to find out what awaits downstream, you will take the first step. This doesn’t mean
you have to spend hundreds of dollars at the craft store. SECRET #1 – Start Small!
Decide on your first project and get the supplies for that project only. Then just tell
yourself you are going to do some things with those few supplies you have. It probably
won’t be your best work ever, but remember, you are just getting your toes wet! The
important part is that you’ve started.

Keeping creative momentum is difficult even for professional or long-time artists. Stress,
daily life, distractions, and our professional work can all sap our energy and our creative
drive. SECRET #2 – Stick to it! Start by committing one hour a month to your creative
time. Soon you might realize you want to commit two or more hours per month. Then
stick to your schedule. Make it a special time you can look forward to for yourself. We

can’t create weekly or daily before we can consistently create monthly. Mark it on your
calendar or put it in your phone reminders. One hour a month: You can do this!

Now you are creating once a month and building momentum! Woohoo! But watch out:
This is when negative thoughts can start to intrude. Perhaps you are not achieving the
level of perfection in your work that you were hoping for, or maybe you are struggling to
learn a new craft. This is the most important part of keeping us in the river and on our
journey. SECRET #3 – Stay positive! Do not let frustration or imperfection sink you! Be
patient and kind to yourself as you learn new things. Some of the skills you’re acquiring
take many years to learn and master, but you can still enjoy the journey along the way!
Be your own best cheerleader, not an anchor. Cheer yourself on when you feel like you
fall short and recommit to the joy you find in the act of creating, rather than the finished
I hope these tips help you to start your own personal art journey or continue it from
wherever you are. Of course, I must recommend the Artvana Painting Club as a great
way to help you through these potential sticking points. This club is designed to help
you start, keep you creating, and give you support to get through those pesky
negative feelings.

Learn more about the Artvana Painting Club here.