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5 reasons you should start acrylic painting classes for beginners!

February 1, 2023

Are you brand new to acrylic painting and looking for acrylic painting classes for beginners? If you need a little help getting started  consider joining a paint club!  You may now be asking, “what on earth is a paint club and how does it work?”

What is a paint club?

Paint club, it’s like a book club for your creativity.

 Hi, my name is Rikki and I hear this question all the time. I am an Artist and art coach and I began the Artvana Paint Club to make being creative more exciting, more fun, and more engaging.  Wondering if an acrylic paint club is for you?  Keep reading.

Who should join a paint club and why

So what is it and who is it for? In a nutshell, it is a program that will make accessing your creativity easier, sharing your artwork with others more enjoyable, and make excuses a thing of the past!

Is it only for artists? No. Our paint club is designed for beginners. Starting something new can be intimidating, I was very nervous to try painting in the beginning too. I learned that with practice, positivity, and the right support I didn’t need to attend art college to become an artist.
Over the last 18 years, I have learned a lot about painting and the struggles that come with learning a new skill. I have taken everything I have learned and built this club so that others can find joy in painting and creating.

It’s perfect for those who are new to acrylic painting

In the club, we talk about things like self-doubt, self-belief, patience, and how to stop judging ourselves. Each month we paint a new painting, then we get to share our progress and struggles with each other in a group setting. This is where you get support from the other members and me. I will be able to coach you through any difficulties you might be having in your journey or any parts of the tutorial that you didn’t understand. We get to share our art no matter our skill level because we focus on the process, not just the product.

Find your place to share and grow

Every month I look forward to seeing what our members have been able to create, and where they have improved. I love to see their creativity growing as they gain confidence and try new things and learn new techniques.

Benefits of acrylic painting classes for beginners

Starting a painting practice can be a great way to add to your self-care routine, decrease anxiety and depression and have a lot of fun.
Every month, when you become a member you will receive access to a new tutorial of the month in our members’ area. You will also have access to our library of tutorials in addition to the Tutorial of the month.  Each of these tutorials are acrylic painting classes for beginners.
You get an exclusive 20 minute one on one session with me when you sign up, where we can pinpoint your creative hurdles and goals. Then each month you get to paint, reflect and share with the group in our group coaching session. Comment on different projects in the members’ area and share your finished art with all of us. Each month includes the supply drop for the tutorial of the month or you can use your own supplies.

Ready to join the Artvana acrylic painting club?

I designed this program to make it easy for you to start learning to paint. Everything you need is included and at your fingertips. All it takes is YOU!  If you are ready to start acrylic painting classes for beginners, join us today!   I look forward to seeing you in the club next month!

Find out more and become a member!

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