Creative mess making, a beginners guide

February 17, 2022

Good morning beautiful soul! Today I want you to slow down and think when the last time you let loose was? And I am not talking about getting tipsy, but letting go inside, you know in that place in your chest where we ball up tension just under our ribcage, the place that moves when you realize you have forgotten to breathe! Let’s let it out, big breath in……..
And let it out……..Ahh better right?

Today I am going to talk to you about this aspect of letting go, of surrendering to flow and discovering where the fun really happens when we are creating.
When we create we have a choice, to strive for an outcome or to play and experiment. So many of my painters get stuck in the first aspect of striving for an outcome in their work. Today I wanted to shed some light on the other aspect of creating that seems to go almost completely ignored.

Chaos. Well it can feel like that sometimes, this part of creating is a super special part of the process and even the best and most famous artists take part in this aspect. This part of the process is vital for you to get in touch with your creative source, to hear your creative voice and to create the momentum for you to discover what you are truly capable of.
Now you might be thinking, I want to be able to create a pretty picture though! Of course you do, the reward of art is creating something you like. Learning techniques, rules of art and how to achieve certain values and textures is the other side, striving for an outcome. I belive both of these aspects are necessary to truly grow and improve as an artist or creator and to feel fulfilled in your art practice and painting classes.

This month in the paint club we are diving deep into play and seeing how it can help us grow and shape our artistic style and creative voice. We will be making a mess and loving every minute of it! If you want to join a supportive community of fun loving creators, no matter your skill level or prior painting experience I want you to join me in the Artvana paint club.online painting courses, art memberships, art subscription box, painting tutorials, easy paintings, beginner art classes

Each month I curate a special project for my painters and send them a fresh art kit supply box in the mail. You get to create on your schedule and join us in a live group coaching session each month to discuss and get one on one coaching from me if you need it, its like book club for painting! See what you are capable of and start your membership at www.artvana.life