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Frustrated that you are not learning from art tutorials on youtube?

August 23, 2022

Hello my name is Rikki, I am an Artist and a therapeutic art coach. A question I get from clients often is
“I tried a few  art tutorials on youtube but my painting still looks bad, why can’t I do it?”

I LOVE this questions and I am here to answer it for you today. This is a common frustration people face when they just begin painting. How do we accomplish anything we can be proud of when we are literally just starting our painting journey?

Theres more to the story…

The fact is, there is so so so much to learn about painting that you could probabaly study it your whole life and still learn new things. So when we jump into a tutorial, we often don’t have event the basic knowledge of that art form and we are trying to accomplish something that may look simple and easy but still has a lot of know how built into it that we may not yet have.
So what is the solution?

It takes time to grow…

Practice. Yes, I see so many painters get frustrated and think they have no skill before they even give themselves a chance to grow that knowledge and skill base. Also depending on the tutorial, they may be explaining one technique in the video and assuming you already know the other basics or techniques, which if you don’t can be very overwhelming. So how do we paint more successfully using art tutorials?

How to use art tutorials for success…

Well of course I am going to recommend the Artvana paint club, which I designed specifically to help you burst through these common hurdles that stop new painters, with new art tutorials each month. Aside from joining me in the club I can tell you that you need to give yourself some grace, some space and some time to grow! Commend yourself on the one things you are working on and learn to relax a little if the rest of your painting isn’t up to speed yet. It will come, with time and practice.

Art is a journey and learning and making mistakes is half the fun. I hope you paint soon.  You can learn more about our paint club here – LEARN ABOUT THE PAINT CLUB

I also wanted to include some additional information in this great article from the Cleveland Clinic on how and why patience is important for our health and how we can be more patient when learning new things – READ IT HERE