How to focus on the process of painting with these 3 tips!

September 8, 2022

Hey there painter! Have you ever wondered how you can enjoy the act of creating more?  How to enjoy the process of painting and dip into your creativity without worrying about making a mistake?

Imagine, letting color and creativity flow freely, being able to instinctively make choices of what your next color will be and what to do with it…this is called intuitive painting, and it’s REALLY FUN! But it’s HARD to let go!!
Even professional artists struggle to get into this zone sometimes. I want to give you my tips and tricks on this because it is so worth it once you experience it and at the heart of this, lies the process vs product problem.

I hear new painters become so concerned with doing a ‘good’ job on their artwork, of placing every little mark exactly where it is in the example painting. Pretty soon they stressed out, a little cross-eyed from staring at their painting so hard and not having a good time, not in a flow state, and certainly not intuitive painting. Don’t worry almost all of us start here. The secret to creative freedom is to switch your focus, from the product (end result) to the process of painting (the making of). Here are some ways you can start doing this when you create: Try to look at your example if you are using one, only once or twice. That’s right let your creativity take over, you have the ‘idea’ see what you can do without being glued to your inspiration

Follow your joy, imagine pulling a long thick swipe of yellow ochre down your canvas, if that color brings you joy follow it…see what that color looks like contrasted next to another….if an idea sparks, follow it…see what happens!

Lastly, if you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a break, and step away. Set your half-finished painting somewhere you can look at it and let it ‘talk’ to you. You may be surprised when one day you look at it and know what you want to do next, that is your intuition getting stronger. That is the process guiding you, rather than the result.

Below I am including a great article about process art VS product art.  Once you get into the article you will see itis directed towards children but this is for everyone!  Process art has benefits for adults just like it does for children so as you read, apply it to yourself.  These excercises can really open up your mind creatively to new ideas and possibilities!  Try these out and let me know how it went in the comments!

Find process art activities and read the article here.