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Paint and Sips: The New Nightclubs?

January 31, 2024

Have you experienced a Paint and Sip event yet?

You may be thinking…

“I’m not creative”

“I am not an Artist”

“what in the world would I be doing at an art class?”

Well I am here to tell you that Artväna Paint and Sip is SO MUCH MORE than an art class! In fact it may be your new favorite way to spend the evening, or hang out at your favorite venue.

One of my favorite things about the Paint and Sip scene here in Washington state is that it’s a great way to spend the rainy winter months. Paint and Sip classes have benefits all year, here are a few of them:


Benefit #1 – Going out by yourself has never been easier!

No more awkward phone sessions sitting alone at the bar or pretending to read in the corner. Let’s face it, nightlife just isn’t that fun and welcoming when you are flying solo for the night. Join an Artvana paint and sip and you will instantly belong when you arrive! Get cozy, meet new friends while you are creating, get to know your local art instructor, try out new venues.

In a nutshell a paint and sip event is a great way to get out on the town and feel comfortable meeting new people.


Benefit #2 – Hosting, again? Not tonight!

If you have a regular girls’ night or group hangout night, skip the cleanup and stress of having people over to your house, and meet up for a fun event out instead.

There are so many things you can learn about your friends that you didn’t know in a paint night! It’s a great double-date idea, and it’s also the perfect activity for newer groups of friends getting to know each other.


Benefit #3 – Get to know your area!

Paint & Sip events give you a great excuse to check out someplace new. Artväna partners with local venues through Washington State including restaurants, bars, coffee shops and breweries. We have locations in Seattle, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Olympia and more, with enough events thats you could try a new venue every month! Maybe you will even discover a new favorite.


Benefit #4 – Fun Nights, Easy Mornings!

Nightlife doesn’t have to mean hangovers. While most of our partner paint locations offer alcohol, you can still have a great time whether you are drinking or not.

Focusing on some creative YOU time, perhaps a glass or two of wine or your favorite beverage, connecting to yourself and the community, learning something new… the possibilities for a great night out are endless.


Ready to try Paint and Sip?

Check out some of our current partner venues in Washington State:

You can find events at these locations on our website (www.artvana.life) under “Find Events.”

I hope to paint with you soon!